08 November 2022

Fakeyou.com: your words with the voice of Master Yoda

Follow the words of Master Yoda

There's a trending on social networks that has been around for a while. Short videos of people suggesting to visit sites to earn money, get remote jobs that pay dream salaries or promise to be useful to do anything.

I usually treat these videos as political promises, especially the ones that promise work from home earning Microsoft executive salaries. But every once in a while, of all the miraculous pages they promote, there are several that catch my eye.

One of the pages that caught my attention is Fakeyou.com. At first it doesn't really offer anything new, it's an online TTS (Text to speech) service where you write a message and the page "reads" it aloud through Artificial Intelligence.

What makes Fakeyou.com different is that the voices available to read the messages belong to characters from anime series, cartoons and even politicians such as Donald Trump.

So far the service is free and the page seems to be still under development with new voices added frequently. A good service quite useful for content creators.

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Here's a video I made with the voice generated using the Fakeyou.com service:

Location: Puerto Rico


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