07 November 2022

My Social Network Accounts

My Social Network Accounts

Like most people nowadays I have an account on many of the most popular Social Networks available. Here's a list of the Social Networks that I'm currently subscribed to in no particular order. Feel free to follow me there or hit me with a message letting me know you came from my blog.


What began as a site built flash site to help people to send personal videos through email had evolved into a video social network site. You can visit my personal channel here: @LeslieJMcCurdy.


A service that began as an app for photography aficionados to show off their work that became a social network on its own right and now includes video uploads and video streaming. You can follow me there at @LeslieJMcCurdy.


One of my oldest accounts when it comes to social networks and yet the one that I use the least. The site that created the concept of Micro Blogging evolved into a cesspool of politically driven weirdos. It's fun to log-in from time to time but not so much since I like to keep my mental health well, healthy. My account there is: @LeslieJMcCurdy.


The most popular tool for international espionage and social disruption of the Communist Party of China disguised as a social network. As a regular adult person I resisted to open an account there but well, here's my TikTok account: @LeslieJMcCurdy.


I've had an account there gathering dust for years, but lately I got curious about how streaming services work and all the technical side of it so right now I'm making some test streams. If you wan to follow and give some tips you're welcome: LeslieJMcCurdy.


The site for people who wants to keep and show their professional record. Pretty useful as an online resume. You can take a look at Leslie J. McCurdy.

Note: Since the world of Social Networks is always evolving and social sites come and go, the information in this post could change over time.

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