10 November 2022

My video game story

The Good Old Atari 2600

Since I got my Atari 2600 back in the eighties I've been a fan of video games in general. But for me the best era dates back to the late eighties and nineties, the time between my childhood and my teenage years.

My "weapons of choice" at the time where the Atari 2600, both the Nintendo (NES) and the Super Nintendo (SNES), and the one I played the most throughout the 16 bits era: The Sega Genesis.

Later, right before college I got my first PC. It had a 486DX2 80Mhz. CPU, 4 MB of RAM and a huge 280MB hard disk. I mostly played MS-DOS based games and sometimes MS Windows 3.1 based games.

Off course as the time went by I upgraded my PC when necessary. Unfortunately, PC games began asking for more powerful equipment until basically you needed a NASA type machine to be able to run newer games so I kind of stepped aside from the PC games world.

Nowadays I consider myself as a Retro Gamer, but not the "look at my huge collection" hardcore type of retro gamer. In fact I only keep two of my original video game consoles, the afore mentioned Atari 2600 and my Nintendo Famicon, the original Japanese version of the NES, very popular in Latin America along with some cartridges for both.

Thanks to Internet and the good souls of many unknown programmers we now have some software miracles from heaven known as Emulators that allow people like me to experience the joy of playing a good old video game without spending a big amount of money in Retro Stuff, there's a whole industry out there moving millions with the Retro label on but that's a topic for another post.

As a retro gamer I rather to live the actual experience of playing a video game than owning the original consoles, the original cartridges, and then play the games. 

I use my regular home PC to run all of my retro games. The only devices I own to get a closer experience of playing on a console are those USB versions of the video game joysticks. They're pretty cheap and you can buy them online at sites like Amazon or eBay.

What kind of Retro Gamer are you? Do you like just playing the games of playing the games on their actual consoles old school style? Let me know in the comments below.

Location: Puerto Rico


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