18 November 2022

Remove the background form a picture for free

Remove the background form a picture for free

Sometimes we have certain pictures we'd like to remove the background from. Let's say we have a picture posing on a beach but we now want to put ourselves at the Himalayas just for fun.

That can be done with a professional image editing software and a couple of hours of work, if we have the time and knowledge to do so. The thing is sometimes we don't have either of those things.

To remove the background from a picture or image in an easy, fast, and free way we have now RemoveBG. A website that does just that in less than five seconds for free.

More than just removing the background

Besides the background removal, at RemoveBG you can also blur on several degrees the original background of your picture or even change it with a different one using the provided backgrounds they have available.

The not so free side

The free aspect of the service this website offers only applies when using it for one image or picture at the time AND only being able to download the result image at a medium resolution.

If you need to download the processed image at a maximum HD resolution you have to pay a fee. A fee that is expressed in something called "Credits".

There are several ways to pay for those Credits: by subscription (you pay for a certain amount of Credits per month) and the Pay as you go model.


If your looking for a quick for background removal and don't mind the medium image resolution you get, this is a service I would recommend. Now if you want the best results, then choose among the several subscription plans they offer and get the one that fits your needs.

Here are some images processed using the RemoveBG free service:

Original picture
The same picture after background removal

The same picture after a background change
Note: this is not a paid ad. What you see in this article is my opinion after I personally used the free services of this website. If you have any question or like to share your own experience, leave it in the comments bellow.
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