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3 Facebook alternatives in times of censorship

3 Facebook alternatives in times of censorship

We live in strange and contradictory times. Recently in the United States the large Social Networks and other technology companies in a coordinated operation have evaporated all official accounts of the President of the United States Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a very controversial character, but regardless the sympathy or rejection we feel towards this figure, the fact that his presence was eliminated from the cybernetic social environment while he was still in office as president of the United States sets a dangerous precedent.


MeWe Social Network
MeWe: Ads free social network (www.mewe.com)

This is a relatively new social network launched in 2016. It introduces itself with the slogan “Not for Sale” and the hashtag # not4sale.

Offers the same basic functionalities of Facebook and guarantees its users that their information will remain private and won’t be sold and no ads will be displayed on it.

So where do they get their money from? The answer: premium services. For example: each user has a limited storage quota on its server for all of their content (photos, texts, video, etc.) and if the user wants to add more content, they can opt to buy more storage.

In addition to storage, the network offers more pay to use features to its users which are all optional. Personally it seems fair, since you only pay for the features that you really use.


Orbys Social Network
Orbys: Free speech social network (www.orbys.net)

I couldn’t find any information about the founding date of this social network but I think ias a very recent one. Orbys promotes itself as a network where free expression is respected and has its own official apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Orbys offers many of the basic functionalities of Facebook for free but it does shows ads on the page. Although not from advertisement companies like AdSense but through its own platform.


Minds: Social Network
Minds: Social Network (www.minds.com)

Minds.com can be considered as the “anti-system” clone of Facebook. The network works under the premise of free expression with zero censorship. Founded in part by a group of independent or alternative journalists who were censored in other networks.

It has an optional function to migrate data from Facebook for new users and allows you to generate money (US dollars or cryptocurrency) by sending referrals to the network or publishing paid content.


These are the Facebook alternatives that I know and have personally used so far. Are they the solution to all of our problems? Will they apply their own censorship at some point? Nobody can be one hundred percent sure.

For now given the obvious bias and censorship, at least in the largest social networks, it is time to have a profile on other alternatives to get to know its operation and advantages.

If you know another Facebook alternatives that can be added to this list, let me know in the comments or send me a message.

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