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4 Twitch alternatives in times of censorship

4 Twitch alternatives in times of censorship

When we think of live streaming platforms for gamers, two names come to our minds: Twitch and Youtube. Both are undoubtedly the most used platforms when it comes to videogame streaming.

Being the most used makes them also the most saturated, which makes it difficult to find an audience among millions of other channels. But that’s not the main problem, the real issue that makes me write this article is: censorship.

Like other social media tech giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Twitch entered the wave of censorship. Many users and channels have been expelled from the platform for not having the “correct ideas” politically speaking.

“Correct ideas” according the confusing and often not very clear terms of these platforms. This is why I present here a list of four Twitch alternatives in these times of censorship.


DLive: a Twitch alternative that pays you.

This is the first on the list you should try as one of the best Twitch alternatives. The platform focuses mainly on videogames streaming although it has large section dedicated to live video blogging.

One of the features that make DLive a platform to take into account is that it runs under the blockchain technology. At DLive, content creators are rewarded for both streaming and / or watching broadcasts with the platform’s own cryptocurrency.

You can watch and stream from your web browser as well as from its native apps available for Android and iOS devices.

Nimo TV

Nimo TV
Nimo TV: watch and stream from your PC or mobile device.

This service is headquartered in China and has expanded to several countries, including north and south America, where its popularity has grown enormously in recent years.

Like many other services on this list, its target audience are videogame streamers, although it has a significant user base among video bloggers and musicians.

It has native apps for Android and iOS devices besides being available to watch and stream from web browsers.

One of the most striking characteristics of this service is that the content can be segmented by country, geographical area and language, giving the user the opportunity to see what they really are interested in.


Younow: video streaming for vloggers, DJs and musicians.

This US-based platform is the only one on the list that isn’t focused on videogames, but rather on video bloggers.

Somewhat long-lived in terms of Internet time, launched in 2011, it’s used by thousands every day. These users are mostly not older than 30 years, although there are always exceptions, YouNow is very popular among DJs and musicians who like to show their art live.

At one time YouNow was Periscope’s biggest competitor, but the latter succumbed to its lack of popularity and better features on other platforms like YouNow so Twitter, current owner of Periscope, recently announced Periscope’s will be out of business by march 2021.

YouNow offers a series of services to its users to give them the best possible experience, among those services are the use of #hastags to identify streams and make them easier to find, as well as the “trending” option for popular streamers. All this with 15 different language interfaces to choose from.

It has native apps for both Android and iOS if you prefer to watch and / or broadcast from your mobile device.


Trovo: a Twitch Alternative
Trovo: the new guy in town

Another live video service brought by the Asian giant: China. This is the newest site on this list, in fact it is still publicly announced as in beta status.

Their target audience like other services posted here is, you guessed it, live video gamer. Although they also have a special group dedicated to video blogging and musicians.

It has large support among Spanish-speaking users, especially in Spain and Mexico, where given the amount of videos that can be found from these two countries.

You can watch and live broadcasts both from web browsers and from a mobile device since it has apps for both iOS and Android.


We can’t deny that Twitch is the undisputed king of live streaming, especially in the videogames world, but given the censorship that the tech giants have implemented in recent times it’s always good to know some alternatives.

Does this mean that these platforms won’t implement some kind of censorship in the future? definitely not. But in the meantime, if you are a fan of this hobby, I suggest you to at least take a look on this alternative platforms.

Note: if you know any other Twitch alternatives than can dbe added to this list, leave it in the comments below or send me a message.

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